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June 2013 First Year Law Students Exam (Baby Bar) Results - 75% Pass Rate


June 2015 First Year Law Students Exam (Baby Bar) Results - 100% Pass Rate


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February 2019 Bar Exam - 100% pass rate

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Prospective Students

  • Free - Live Baby Bar Review Course offered to all enrolled Students. (3 month program)
  • 100% Pass rate for June 2015 FYLSX (Baby Bar).
  • Cost effective, First Year tuition is only $2,900 a year and AISOL will finance it for you.
  • Second, third and fourth year tuition only $2,000 if you have successfully passed the First Year Law Student Exam (Baby Bar).

Independent Study

  • Independent Study - Prerecorded lectures with live chat sessions tailored to your schedule.
  • One on One tutoring provided for no additional cost.
  • Free Baby Bar Review.
  • Now enrolling first, second, third and fourth year students.

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Why Choose Us

Our program has been carefully designed to ensure that our students First Year Students, Second, Third and Fourth Year Students receive the maximum educational benefits and are well prepared for the first year law student exam as well as the California Bar.

  • Cost Effective
  • Module Based Learning
  • Flexibility
  • Communication
  • Free First Year Law Student Exam Review
  • Technology
  • Faculty
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