Paola Acosta-Godinez


Paola Acosta-Godinez was born and raised in Orange County, California. In her current role she serves as Director of Operations at American International School of Law (AISOL). Prior to joining, AISOL, Paola was an aspiring actress/model and was in charge of managing day-to-day operations and providing administrative support to a prestigious acting school in Los Angeles. Paola attended Cal State Fullerton and graduated in 2017 earning a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Hospitality Management. Furthermore, during her free time, she volunteers at local organizations, and is an avid hiker, and loves to explore the world. Paola, has a desire to help individuals achieve their professional goals and will be transitioning her knowledge to help students at AISOL succeed in their educational journey.


Cal State Fullerton-BA


Director Of Operations

Current Employment:

American International School of Law

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