Students in American International School of Law’s Correspondence Law Study Program are required to study and use the American International School of Law’s proprietary online technology, including online discussion boards, online audio/video lectures and virtual classrooms when necessary. Students can enroll for entry to this program at any time during the calendar year. A rolling enrollment process allows immediate commencement of law study. Rolling enrollment makes possible student-initiated, independent participation without a precise enrollment schedule such as by a quarter or semester system. Regular and punctual participation in assigned activities, including timely submission of all assignments, is required.

The school requires that all students in this program complete 864 study hours per year during a period of not less than 48, nor more than 52, consecutive weeks of study in accordance with California State Bar Regulations. There is no minimum/mandatory requirement for participation in interactive classes in this program though frequent participation is encouraged. Each course will consist of at least 216 hours and  will be completed over the course in 48-52 weeks. In order to meet the 864 hours  students will be required per week to study an average of 4.2 hours per class. In the first year the student will be taking 4 classes so the required minimum study hours per week will be 16.8 hours.

Year Code Subject Units
First Year 100 Contracts 5
110 Criminal Law 5
120 Torts 5
130 Legal Research & Writing 5
Total 20
Second Year 200 Agency & Partnership 5
210 Civil Procedure 5
220 Real Property 5
230 Remedies 5
Total 20
Third Year 300 Criminal Procedure 5
310 Community Property 5
320 Constitutional Law 5
330 Evidence 5
Total 20
Fourth Year 400 Professional Responsibility 5
410 Wills 5
420 Trusts 5
430 Corporations 5
440 Performance Exam 5
Total 25
Grand Total 85


Independent study

Independent Study - Prerecorded lectures with live chat sessions tailored to your schedule.

Prospective Students

Cost effective, First Year tuition is only $2,900 a year and AISOL will finance it for you.