In late 2009, the founder of AISOL had a vision to build an online law school with distinctive technology and institutional spirit of excellence. Knowing that online law schools need to be reformed in technology, administrative matters and the methodology of instruction via independent study or online classes, the founder brought his savvy tech skills and business sense to be able to deliver a phenomenal program to students at low affordable cost. The founder asked numerous times what will make us different and the answer was simple; provide a business-oriented curriculum, respect the students, hire quality professors that care about the students, provide a cost effective program and invest in knowledge which will help transform lives.

The Founder started on his journey to build an exceptional team and recruited Jeremy Miller, founding Dean of Chapman University an ABA Accredited Law School to be Dean of AISOL and to ensure that the quality of education would be comparable to ABA Accredited Law Schools. After recruiting the Dean, who has since retired, both the Dean and the founder were on a mission to recruit quality Professors. The Dean of AISOL was able to recruit distinguished professors and faculty members, which consisted of successful attorneys, judges and commissioners.

With the program being completely delivered via independent study through our online classes and chat sessions, the founder spent a great amount of time, energy and money to help build a proprietary online system (AISOL Dashboard), that would deliver exams, homework, grades, announcements, internal and external communications, online classes, chat sessions and provide faculty and student interaction. The system took over a year to test and perfect and was launched in late 2010. The founder does not plan to stop there, he has already implemented phase three that will challenge other law schools and online schools to raise their standards.

In late 2010, AISOL submitted an application to the State Bar of California and in 2011 was registered with the State Bar of California as a Correspondence Law School.


Independent study

Independent Study - Prerecorded lectures with live chat sessions tailored to your schedule.

Prospective Students

Cost effective, First Year tuition is only $2,900 a year and AISOL will finance it for you.