American International School of Law was formed to offer a unique online learning experience for our innovative correspondent and distance learning programs. Our Juris Doctorate (JD) program is priced appropriately for the full time student or working individual.

Our program has been carefully designed to ensure that our students First Year Students, Second, Third and Fourth Year Students receive the maximum educational benefits and are well prepared for the first year law student exam as well as the California Bar.

AISOL is formed to offer uniquely online and innovative distance learning educational programs in law at a reasonable cost to qualified applicants in United States. Our technical competence is second to none in imparting the Quality online education. Years of research has gone into making our Teaching methods efficient and impactful. Our exams are designed through scientific ways to improve the grasping power and practicability.


Our proprietary online system AISOL Dashboard is considered to be state of the art and cutting edge. The technology has been set and will maintain a high standard for all online law schools.

We took special consideration in delivering to our students an online law program which is interactive and more importantly user friendly. So whether you’re a novice or a technical expert, we’re confident you’ll find our online law program easy to use.

Cost Effective

The one year tuition for First Year Students at AISOL is $2,900 and for Second, Third and Fourth Year students, who have successfully passed the First Year Law Students Exam (Baby Bar), the one year tuition is $2,000. American International School of Law's cost effective tuition is the lowest tuition compared to other online law schools and traditional law schools. Students can pay the tuition in full or make payments of $200 for 11 months with an immediate payment of Eight Hundred and Twenty Five Dollars ($825), (this includes the deposit and first month tuition of Two Hundred Dollars ($200) and the application fee of Fifty ($50) and Seventy Five Dollars ($75) WestLaw® fee). An administration fee of $25.00 per month will be assessed to all payment plans.

American International School of Law having the lowest tuition does not mean that we have sacrificed on the quality of the education or the services to the students. American International School of Law truly believes that quality education can be delivered at affordable prices.


American International School of Law students at their leisure can watch pre recorded lectures, or interact with faculty and professors in the chat sessions, from any location. Students can watch these lectures internationally or domestically from their home, office or even the nearest Starbucks.


For an organization to be successful, the key is communication and American International School of Law will ensure that students have the proper channels of communication to be able to learn and express their opinions and concerns to faculty, staff and professors.

First Year Law Students Exam and Bar Oriented

American International School of Law has designed a first of its kind program that prepares students for the first year law exam and the bar. American International School of Law sets aside 3 months out of the year to provide online instructions for both the first year law exam and the bar. Furthermore, American International School of Law has selected to work with experts to deliver a comprehensive first year law exam and bar review program.

Registration by The State Bar of California

American International School of Law in 2011 received its registration from the State Bar of California to operate as a correspondent law school. Although headquartered in California, our online correspondent or distant learning program enables students across the globe to benefit.

Professors and Faculty

After recruiting the Dean, who has since retired, both the Dean and the founder were on a mission to recruit quality Professors. It was not surprising or alarming that the Dean of American International School of Law was able to recruit distinguished professors and faculty members, which consisted of successful attorneys, judges and commissioners. American International School of Law will always strive to recruit qualified faculty and professors that will help to invest in the student’s future. Our students range from first year law students to fourth year law students and we understand that it’s crucial to enlist the best.


Independent study

Independent Study - Prerecorded lectures with live chat sessions tailored to your schedule.

Prospective Students

Cost effective, First Year tuition is only $2,900 a year and AISOL will finance it for you.