Transfer students will be held to same academic standards as American International School of Law students. When transferring to American International School of Law, any transfer student who was on academic probation or academically dismissed at the law school last attended will automatically be placed on probation if accepted at American International School of Law.

Transfer credits will be granted for first, second and third year should the student meet the State Bar of California and American International School of Law requirements. In order to graduate from American International School of Law Students must complete 40 units and must be in good standing. Transfer credit is recorded on the transcript as CR and is not part of the GPA calculation. Transferability of credit is recorded on a student's transcript upon receipt of an official transcript.

The Academic Probation designation will appear on the student’s transcript.

Transfer Credit for Prior Law Studies

In addition, transfer credit will only be considered for courses taken in a J.D. program at a law school that is (i) ABA approved; (ii) registered with the State Bar of California; or (iii) accredited by the State Bar of California.  Classes with a B (3.0) or higher will be eligible for transfer credit consideration.

Recognition of transfer credit will be subject to the completion of a Credential Evaluation by the California State Bar Committee of Bar Examiners, Office of Admissions.  Coursework may be transferred only if completed within 27 months prior to a student’s enrollment.

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