Tuition Expenses

The one year tuition for First Year Students at AISOL is $2,975 and for Second, Third and Fourth Year students who have successfully passed the First Year Law Students Exam (Baby Bar) the one year tuition is $2,075. American International School of Law's cost effective tuition is the lowest tuition compared to other online law schools and traditional law schools. Students can pay the tuition in full or make payments of $200 for 11 months with an immediate payment of Eight Hundred and Fifty Dollars ($850) (this includes the deposit , first month tuition of Two Hundred Dollars ($200, and $75.00 for Westlaw® Online Library usage). An administration fee of $25.00 per month will be assessed to all payment plans.

American International School of Law having the lowest tuition does not mean that we have sacrificed on the quality of the education or the services to the students. American International School of Law truly believes that quality education can be delivered at affordable prices.


Independent study

Independent Study - Prerecorded lectures with live chat sessions tailored to your schedule.

Prospective Students

Cost effective, First Year tuition is only $2,900 a year and AISOL will finance it for you.